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This consultation describes a comprehensive set of proposals for Cranbrook Town centre – as proposed by the East Devon New Community partners along with specialist Town Centre developers HDD Developments.

If the comprehensive proposals are approved by East Devon District Council, then proposals for each of the parcels in the town centre will be quickly submitted for detailed approval.

The consultation elaborates on information included on the Town Council’s Facebook page and includes a survey of some 6 questions regarding the proposals which we hope you will be willing to complete – not least to inform up and coming decisions and the design of the proposals.

The scale of the challenge of creating a new town centre in 2020 is fully recognised by all involved. The Devon new towns of the Middle Ages evolved organically over almost a millennium into successful service centres for significant rural hinterlands. Cranbrook town centre will be built in a brief moment in time, endeavouring to meet the needs of ever-evolving 21st century lifestyles.

Whilst the scale and form of the town centre has been refined since permission was originally granted following the dramatic changes in the retail market and the expansion of other surrounding schemes, the intention remains in 2020 to seek to ensure that a social and vibrant centre for Cranbrook can be delivered along a “High Street” in the heart of the community.

After working in partnership with EDDC, DCC and Cranbrook Town Council, locations for the community uses required to be provided in the town centre as part of the outline planning permission have been agreed. These are to be located along and just off the high street section of Tillhouse Road, as shown on the plan below. Here they can be accessed by public transport, bicycle, foot and car, and help maximise the life and vitality of the centre for the residents of Cranbrook and surrounding settlements. The original consent required some to be provided at this stage in the development, and some (such as the town hall, the library and youth centre) in 5-7 years time. The proposal being put forward by the development partners is to enable the delivery of all of the obligated community facilities now as part of a comprehensive town centre scheme.

The development partners are also required to deliver some retail units (albeit just 5-6 small shops) but the proposal is to deliver the required retail floorspace and more, including a supermarket and extra shops. Detailed plans for the retail element of the centre are in the process of being worked up by Henry Davidson Developments Ltd on behalf of the development partners. They are well advanced.

The purpose of this online consultation exhibition is to explain what civic and community uses are proposed to be provided in the town centre (by East Devon District Council, Cranbrook Town Council and Devon County Council) and the retail and residential proposals proposed to be delivered by the development partners for which planning applications could be submitted later this year.

We would welcome your feedback via the online questionnaire - see link above and at the end of the information.

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The northern side of the high street section of Tillhouse Road is proposed to be home to some of the key civic and community uses for Cranbrook comprising:

  • Cranbrook Town Hall;
  • A Health and Well Being Centre; and
  • Extra care accommodation.

The precise mix of uses will be determined by the County Council, Town Council and District Council. The location on the 'High Street' will ensure ease of access via public transport, walking and cycling and shared trips with the retail facilities on the other side of the road. The country park is just to the north of any extra care accommodation and a civic space is proposed to be located in front of the Town Hall, linking directly across into the town square to the south.

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The location for Devon County Council's multi purpose building has been agreed and is proposed to include:

  • Library;
  • Children's Centre; and
  • Youth Centre with outdoor recreational space.

Again, the location at the end of the High Street sought to ensure ease of access via public transport, walking and cycling and encourage shared trips with the other town centre facilities.

A skatepark is proposed to be located on the land to the north of the County Council building, providing another facility adjacent to the youth centre.

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On behalf of the Development Partners, Henry Davidson Developments Limited have worked up proposals to deliver the required retail floorspace and more. The scheme comprises:

  • A retail 'High Street' with more shops than are required;
  • The town square;
  • A supermarket to the south of the high street, accessed directly from the town square for ease of access via bus and foot, with a separate car park;
  • A nursery; and
  • Urban apartments and duplex housing above the high street shops.

The proposals are now being worked up in detail following a pre-application design process undertaken with East Devon District Council and agreement reached with a supermarket operator to deliver the store, subject to planning. It is hoped that a reserved matters application will be worked up and submitted later this year to commence on site during 2021.

The proposed site layout and indicative elevations of the scheme are shown below and feedback is welcomed on the proposals through the online questionnaire below.

light red location plan
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supermarket site layout


Images produced by Stephen George Architects on behalf of HDD Ltd.

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The proposals for Cranbrook town centre have always included a significant provision of urban living to ensure a vibrant and active town centre. Having agreed the location of the community, civic and retail uses to be delivered in the town centre, focused around the heart of the town, residential development will be located around the periphery of the town centre. There will be additional apartments or duplexes where possible above retail provision such as along the High Street.

Some residential buildings in key locations will be required to deliver flexible ground floor accommodation that could be converted to retail or office accommodation if required in the future; these are most likely to be located on Court Royal and or Tillhouse Road but will be agreed through the detailed applications.

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Design Guidance for Cranbrook has followed a two tier approach. The Strategic Design Guidance (SDG) for the town along with other accompanying strategies were approved by the District Council in 2010. The SDG set out to explain the Development Framework that formed the basis of the outline planning application and the generic urban design principles.

Design Principles have then been prepared for individual phases to set out how the key design objectives should be delivered, to ensure consistency in approach and to help accelerate the delivery of the development if the principles are complied with.

The Design Principles for the town centre are being worked up in consultation with the local authority, and will inform detailed applications for each parcel.

The survey seeks some views on what should be included in the Design Principles document.